Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello from the Philippines!

Hello! Hello! We're still alive!

Sorry if it appears that I neglected this blog. You see, my greatest mistake in coming here in Pinas for a long vacation is not bringing my own laptop. I thought I could use the old one that I left here but for some reason, it's just not here anymore. Right now, I am just using Ford's old netbook (that he dumped onto me in 2012) and it's sooooo slow!

Anyway, I'll be back in Edmonton in less than a month and I am hoping that I could blog often again (is that possible if you have a very active toddler?)

Whew, Nathan's first birthday is fast-approaching and I am in toxic mode. But we are very excited of course!

Oh, here he is now! So cute, I know!

Oops, I've got to go back to party preps.You'll hear from me again soon!

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