Friday, October 14, 2016

Missing Casa Blanco

It's exactly two weeks now since we bid goodbye to our very first home. I started crying the moment we left and closed the garage door for the last time.

I wasn't that sad when I left our house in Pinas, kasi alam ko bahay ko pa rin naman iyon. Makakabalik pa ako anytime. Sa Unit 99, hindi na.

September 30, 2016

We  only lived in that house for 2 years and 8 months but we've built quite a lot of good memories there. I was still in the Philippines when Ford "bought" it. Pre-construction. Lumipat kami two months after I immigrated here in Canada. I felt so lucky and blessed. Imagine pagdating ko may bahay na agad ako.

Ford gave me the full privilege of decorating it, of turning it how I wanted it to be. Noon ko unang na-experience maging "wife" talaga.

It was truly a lucky home for us. Imagine, in less than three weeks of living there, nag-conceive na ako. That house witnessed how we became a 'family.'

Oh, and we've had quite a lot of house guests in less than three years that we stayed there. Lalong sumaya ang bahay namin.

Pero sabi nga nila, walang forever. Lalo na sa bahay dito sa Canada. Don't get too attached daw, kasi unlike sa Pinas, normal ang pagpalit-palit ng bahay dito o pag-move. 

When we had Nathan, we planned on getting a 'bigger' house din naman eventually. A 'small' laned home with a basement would be perfect, we thought. We will need kasi a bigger space for Nathan's stuff. Tapos November pa ang birthday niya, indoor parties lang ang puwede kasi nga 'winter' na.

But things happen and we had to leave Casa Blanco sooner than we expected. Kelangan na kasi naming lumipat ng lugar. Hay, if only we could bring our house with us! =(

huling sulyap

And so here I am, watching the heavy rains outside -- badly missing Unit 99. It might take time bago ako makamove-on. Siguro kapag may bagong Casa Blanco na uli. Right now, we are renting a one-bedroom apartment and most of our stuff are in the storage. Pag nakapag-settle na kami talaga dito sa BC, sana makabili na uli. Sobrang mahal nga lang ng mga bahay dito so we might end up in a condo. I don't care, I just want to have my own house again.

We love you, Casa Blanco. You'll always have a special place in our hearts.

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