Friday, February 17, 2017

Medical Services Plan of British Columbia

We moved to Surrey, British Columbia last October 2, 2016. Unlike in Alberta where you are covered the moment you moved there, we had to wait for 3 months to be eligible for BC's health care.

Just a few weeks ago, my husband informed me that we are already "covered." (By the way, I had to write to Health BC to explain why my son and I will be 'away' from BC for five and a half months). I was grateful but 'disappointed' at the same time.

Why, we have to pay $150 per month as premium for our Medical Services Plan!

Waaah! Another reason why I want to go back to Edmonton.

Bigla talaga kasi akong nanghina. I mean, on top of additional 7% provincial tax on goods, eto at me additional monthly bill kami. We are now paying the maximum premium (for those with above $42,000 net income) of $75 per adult (hence, $150). We don't have to pay for Nathan as there are no premiums for children under the age of 19.

Ford argues na meron din namang "bayad" talaga ang health sa Alberta, naka-imbibe lang sa income tax. Mas mababa daw ang income tax sa British Columbia.

Oh well, we will find that out this April when we submit our income tax returns. Pero sa ngayon, hindi ko pa talaga masabing gusto ko na sa BC.

NOTE: I consider $150 a 'big' amount already. When you are living in Canada (especially on a single income), every dollar counts.

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