Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The fear is real

It may seem shallow, but one of my greatest fears right now is 'losing' my Instagram account.

You see, my cousin's IG account recently got hacked and she couldn't retrieve it anymore. What if it happens to me?! Good for her, all her IG posts are linked on Facebook. Yung sa akin, konting pics lang ang shine-share ko sa FB.

I started instagramming in May 2013. Medyo late na nga kasi late na ako nag-Iphone. But since then, I have put everything (as in my life!) in IG. Mas gusto ko kasi ang Instagram kesa FB because I love taking pictures. I love posting too kaso ayaw ko namang maging overexposed ako to everyone, including former students/colleagues, insignificant people, enemies (lol!), etc. Instagram is perfect for me kasi I get to document my everyday nang konti lang ang nakakaalam.

I really can't imagine losing my IG. I sure have copies of all my pictures posted there pero syempre iba yung nakapost kasi may captions, dates, likes, at comments. Lalo na sa mga #NathanJamesLevin posts ko, na documentation ng buhay ng anak ko.

Up to now, I still don't know how to back up my IG. I tried 'Instaport' but it seems to be not working. I don't want to link din naman all my posts to FB kasi nga hindi ko ma-private ang IG album dun. I tried linking it to Flickr pero di naman din gumagana.

To be honest, I am tempted to screenshot all my posts na lang (including the comments) kaso I have 5,645 pics as of today, makaya ko kaya? ang hirap pa naman mag-start from the bottom. Tsk.

That's one thing with free social media accounts, wala kang control talaga. I wish makahanap ako ng solution soon. Basta sa ngayon, mananalangin muna ako na sana walang masamang mangyari sa account ko. =(

NOTE: I've experienced losing all my posts in Multiply dati (I was quite a popular hello kitty collector/blogger then) kaya alam ko ang feeling nang 'mawalan.' Kaya nga may trauma ako. Hope it doesn't happen again.

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