Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#CessieLikes: Shoo My

If you are a siomai-lover like me and you live here in BC (not sure if they have it in other provinces), I have something to recommend to you. Try this Shoo My brand from T&T Supermarket and you'll love it!

Finally, I found a siomai that satisfies my taste buds. And it's cheap ha, only $8.49 (plus 5% tax) per pack of 30 pieces. So around 30 cents lang ang isa. Mas mura pa kapag nag-sale.

I find cooked siomai here in Canada so expensive kasi. Nagre-range yan from $4-6 for the standard four pieces. Hindi ko pa type ang lasa. Sa Richmond Night Market nga lang ako nasarapan sa siomai. Kaya super happy ako sa recent discovery namin na ito. Pwede ng mag-bottomless siomai!

I checked the nutrition facts, not bad naman.

Steaming these pork dumplings only takes 15 minutes.

Super sarap nito with toyomansi, promise! =)

I often eat this for dinner without rice (kasi may carbs na siya). I know I am not supposed to eat meat often but I am taking things one at a time. I am now on a low-carb diet so I inevitably eat a lot of protein to get full. I am also avoiding fried and salty foods. So kahit papano medyo ok na rin itong siomai na ito. Basta baby steps muna when it comes to dieting. Ang importante, controlled na ang sugar ko.

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