Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nathan is walking!

Nathan started to take a few steps around second week of January 2016.

And look at him now. It was his first time to explore the world (outside home) with his two feet! And Mommy couldn't be happier!

I honestly thought that he would walk earlier. He crawled and stood up early kasi. Kaya I was a bit disappointed that he wasn't walking yet on his first birthday. Was it because I made him use a walker in the Philippines? Was it because of his 'heavy' weight? Or was it because he was tiptoeing when we were teaching/guiding him to walk (just like me, lagi daw nakatingkayad)?

Oh well, that's irrelevant now. My son already walk and I am now at peace. Good job, Nathan! We love you!

* The videos were taken last January 21 at Lucky Supermarket.

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