Friday, January 15, 2016

Random Chika # 4

1. Siomai Addiction. Ford and I have been eating siomai for so many nights now. It started when I began craving for it last week and my friend Mylene suggested that we buy from T&T. Yung frozen.

At first I wanted to eat at Jumbo Dim Sum and Dining where we had lunch last Christmas and I tasted some delicious pork siomai. Pero ang mahal kasi doon, almost $5 for four pieces. Tapos tax and tip pa. Best option na nga ang mag-steam ka ng sarili mong siomai.

Funny because I never ate siomai in the Philippines. Dito sa Canada, marami akong pinag-aaralang kainin dahil wala akong choice. I have to broaden my palate or else wala akong makakain.

2. Starbucks Edmonton Mug. After dining at Tony Roma's last Tuesday, we proceeded to Starbucks for "dessert" (i.e. venti mocha frappucino). Ford had this Starbucks card that was given to him by a person who did some demo in their office. We've long been guessing kung magkano ang laman, $5 lang pala. I was taken aback when the barista told me that I still have to pay $0.72 for my frapp. Kaloka!

Anyway, while waiting for my drink, I noticed these mugs on the inside shelf. Aba, may Edmonton mug na, hindi nga lang yung old version.

Ford gave me an Edmonton city mug (like the one below) in 2010 noong unang uwi niya sa Pinas from Canada. Since 2012, naghahanap na ako ng ganito to give away to some friends who also collect kaso wala na. Na-discontinue na yata.

Picture taken from the net (credits to the owner)

I find the second version of city mugs nicer. I already have one, a Chicago mug, which was a pasalubong to me by my cousin Cha when they visited us last September 2014.

O sige na nga, kakaririn ko na ito. I left my Starbucks city mug collection (the older version) in the Philippines kaya gagawa ako ng bago dito sa Canada. I already asked my in-laws from Qatar who will be visiting us by the end of the month to bring me one.

3. Nathans' Haircut Certificate. Ang arte ng mga bata ngayon, may pa haircut-haircut certificate pa!

We had Nathan's hair cut last November 13 (Philippine time) at a kiddie hair salon in Trinoma. Pamahiin kasi na bawal pagupitan ang bata ng wala pang one year old so we followed that.

We were asked if we wanted a souvenir certificate for that "momentous event" and of course we excited parents willingly agreed. For an extra cost, syempre pa.

It will take two to three weeks daw before the certificate becomes available so hindi na namin nakuha. Binilin ko na lang kina Mamoosh na kunin. Joanne (our staff) was only able to claim it two days ago.

4. Dinner at Panda Express.
I finally got to eat at Panda Express last Sunday (January 10). Ang tagal ko ng gustong kumain dito. Pero parang foodcourt food lang pala. I was disappointed because malamig na ang food at konti na lang ang choices nang dumating kasi (it was only around 6pm).

A plate with two entrees plus rice/noodle is almost $10. Plus tax pa. Not worth it.

5. Edmonchon. My brother-in-law, who is based in Qatar with his family, is requesting for a lechon when they come here by the end of the month. Hindi kasi sila nakakakain ng pork sa Qatar.

A whole lechon costs $250-300 at hindi naman namin mauubos yun (we're only 7 adults and 2 toddlers) so the best option is to buy a Cebu-style lechon belly na lang.  The one being sold by Jeepney Jaytee is "small" and pricey so I looked for an alternative.

Enter Edmonchon. Bago lang, wala pang feedback. I inquired for the price and immediately got a response. $80 daw, good for 10-15 pax. Haha, baka kulangin pa ang slab na ito sa Blanco siblings! Anyway, we'll try it. I'll post a review soon.

Picture taken from Edmonchon's FB page

6.  New Laptop. Ford bought me a new laptop last Black Friday. We disposed our hardly-used desktop (i.e. donated it to Roadlink) because it was so slow. Our other laptop is big and heavy and I couldn't bring it with me anywhere.

I've tried so many laptops before but I always go back to Acer. The very first laptop that Ford gave me so many years ago was an Acer and I loved it.

The color is so nice, noh? And it's a touchscreen! Maliit lang din siya (parang netbook size) so madaling bitbitin (lalo na sa Pinas). I wish though that I could maximize its use. Sa ngayon kasi bihira na akong makapag-computer kasi inaagaw ni Nathan (hay, toddler stage!).

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