Friday, December 15, 2017


We gifted Baby Marco with this one last Sunday. I know that he's only one-year old but I am sure he'll be receiving a lot of "baby toys" (the Vtech ones) already so I thought of getting something that he could enjoy when he's a bit older. Mabilis lang naman kasi ang panahon. I have a 3-year old so I know what the birthday boy will like in the near future.
Pic taken from the net (credits to the owner)
But I have a confession to make. I bought it the last minute na kasi hindi naman talaga yun ang plano kong iregalo.

Ito talaga:

So cute noh? I've been eyeing this trolley at the Disney Store since forever. Then one day, it went on sale. $19-off! Parang naging $35 na lang siya (plus tax). We were looking for a gift for Marco that time so I thought this would be perfect, especially since his party theme is Cars. Again, I wanted to give him something that he could use later on pa. As a mom, mas gusto ko kasi na pang-advanced age ang gifts eh, be it clothes or toys or any other things.
Pic taken from the net (credits to the owner)
But just a few days before the party, I had a change of heart. Parang mas gusto ko ito for Nathan haha! I mean, he's older and can use this na by next year. There were only three stocks left when we bought it so I am sure wala ng ganito. Kung meron mang bagong stock, hindi naman sale.

Naisip ko rin that Tess wouldn't mind kasi hindi naman niya alam haha! Ako ang nakakaalam so ako ang manghihinayang. Ang sabi ko rin kay Ford, Marco will have a lot of gifts so hindi na mapapansin na "ordinary" lang ang gift namin lol!

That's the thing pala when you have a son and you are buying for other boys, gusto mo meron din ang anak mo kaloka! Mahina talaga ang EQ ko.

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