Sunday, December 17, 2017

Project: Blog Back-Up

It just occurred to me yesterday that I have no back-up for my blog. Yes, I've taken this back-up thing for granted. Bakit nga ba?

I really do not know. But what I know for sure is that I have to do something now. This is my online journal and I've invested so much of my time and emotions here. I will go crazy if someday I find out that all my entries are gone. It happened to me in the past na eh. I used to have a hello kitty blog in (the now defunct) Multiply which was quite popular that time (circa 2007-2009). I woke up one day and all my pictures and blog entries were missing. I suspect that a kitty friend who I trusted so much (that I've given her my password) deleted them out of envy. Oh well, I should have learned my lesson.

Obviously for Mrs. CB in BC, I am using Blogger and not hosting my own weblog. Hence, I have no control of certain things. I really have to have some kind of a system for backing it up. [By the way, I love Blogger because it's easy to use and free. Unlike other bloggers, I don't earn anything from my blog kaya wala akong pambayad ng .com (dot com) haha!]

I did my research on how to back-up blogs but they were too complicated for me. I am not a techie gal, Tita of Vancouver na nga ang level ko, kaya lalo akong naguluhan. So I've decided that I'll do it manually na lang.

What I am doing now is that I am copying every entry to MS Word, edit the size of the font and pictures and spacing, then save. I also save it as PDF para kapag pinrint ay hindi magugulo.

It's not easy. I really should have done this from the very start. Not now that I almost have 400 entries. But I'll try very hard to finish this project before my Pinas vacay on January.

I am (still) old school so medyo skeptic pa rin ako sa computer back-up. What if masira ang laptop o ang external hard drive ko?

Kaya naisip ko na maganda kung may print-out pa rin. At first, I thought of having it printed and turned into a "book." May mga ganyang blog printing services eh. I registered in one company and tried kung ano magiging itsura ng blog ko kapag pina-print ko sa kanila. Ayun, labo-labo haha. Naiba ang arrangements ng text and pictures kaya magulong basahin. Also, because I have almost 400 entries nga, each with many many pictures, libo libong pages aabutin yun. Haha, that would cost me a fortune!

So sige, balik sa dating-gawi (UP style). I'll print na lang each entry sa printer namin (black ink nga lang) tapos ipapa-photocopy ko sa UP (for additional copies kasi nga praning) tapos ipapa-hard bound ko. Ayan, parang book na rin! Kaloka, our laser printer ran out of ink pa nga so my husband ordered a toner online that's just compatible. Ang mahal naman kasi ng original. Dagdag gastos pero keri lang.

I really need time and patience for this. Sana talaga mapangatawanan ko. My blog may not be extraordinary. Like what I said before, ni hindi ko na nga ma-check ang grammar at spelling dito kasi talagang sinisingit ko lang ito sa buhay ko. But I love it because it documents my experiences, feelings, and sentiments at a given time. Masarap balik-balikan later on ang alaala nakaraan, di ba? Kaya dapat ma-preserve ko talaga lahat ng naisulat ko. Para na rin mabasa ng anak at apo ko (that is, kung makakaintindi sila ng Tag-Lish haha!).

PS. Kung pano ako magsulat sa blog na ito, ganun din ako magsalita in person. =)

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