Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A fresh start -- Mrs.CB in BC

Whew, I haven't blogged since we got back here in Surrey. I honestly didn't feel good about it. I missed documenting.

I am not a writer nor I intend to be one. I am not that good with words. Plus I do not have the time to constantly check on my grammar. I blog primarily because I want to document. I want to have something to help me remember someday the life that I had.

This is not my first blog. I've been journaling, in many forms, since time immemorial. And prior to this blog, I was maintaining one too, albeit in private mode.

I just decided to make a new 'public' blog when I immigrated here in Canada. As a person starting a new life in a new place, I felt that I have so much to share (and document). There is a scarcity of Filipino blogs about 'living in Canada' and I thought that I could contribute even a bit. I wanted to write in a 'jologs' way, using a not-so-profound language that many could understand, as I was tired of reading scholarly-type articles describing the Filipino diaspora in Canada. I just wanted to tell stories. Simple stories of my everyday life.

But yeah, I failed. I wasn't able to write as much as I wanted to. From getting pregnant (just a few months after immigrating), to nursing a baby, and now to raising a kid -- life has become a bit busier for me. I've lost my precious "me" time in the process.

Many times I've decided to quit and just leave this blog permanently. But in every single instance that I think of that, a random comment from someone would pop out and make me change my mind. Whoaaah, may nagbabasa rin pala ng blog na ito! Those few readers encourage me to go on.

You see, I never 'advertised' this blog among my family and circle of friends. It's a sort of silent blog, bahala na kung sino ang maka-discover. To be honest, ayoko ngang may makabasa nito na kakilala ko. I wish to preserve my privacy pa rin kasi kahit papano. I don't want to be conscious too of what I would write. I want to be "free" as much as possible.

That is why I am truly surprised whenever I check my stats. Indeed, there are some random few who find my stories interesting. Bumabalik-balik sila.

As I have mentioned above, I didn't feel good when I was in blogging hiatus. Ewan ko ba, parang me kulang sa buhay ko, seriously. I feel that in my life right now, ito na lang ang magagawa ko para sa sarili ko.

Hence, I want to start blogging again. Keeping in mind the purpose of this blog, i.e. documenting and sharing, I am hopeful that I'll do better this time.

But first, let me change this blog's title because I don't think it is still appropriate.

Goodbye, Ces in the City! 

I adapted "Ces in The City" from my favorite TV series "Sex and the City." Bukod sa ka-rhyme, I was still childless then and very excited to live in a city (Edmonton) for the first time. I wanted to explore the place, eat at its various restaurants, participate in all the happenings. I sort of wasnt't able to accomplish that because motherhood took over my life.

Now I am changing the blog's name into: Mrs.CB in BC -- A Filipina Mom's Life in Metro Vancouver (British Columbia). I believe this fits my current status as a stay-at-home wife and mother here in Surrey.

I am looking forward to posting frequently. To do that, less time on facebook and instagram na, lol.

NOTE: CB = Ces Blanco / BC = Bristish Columbia


  1. I'm one of those who check in every now and then to see if you've updated your blog. :) Glad to see you're back to blogging again! I also live abroad with my husband and it helps me overcome my homesickness whenever I read blogs from Pinoys abroad.

    1. Hello! I really appreciate your comment, super thank you talaga ha. Nakakatuwa kasing malaman na may nagbabasa pala talaga ng blog ko.

      I also love reading blogs of other Pinoys abroad. Nakakabawas nga ng homesickness, parang nakakahanap ka ng karamay hehe.

      Salamat uli! =)