Monday, September 15, 2014

All for Chicklet now!

Ford is such a good dad. When he sold his old tires last Friday, his first reaction upon receiving the "extra" cash was: "Kailangan may mabili ako para kay Chicklet!"

Haha, dati-rati lahat para sa akin! Ngayon kay Chicklet na. $10 na lang daw ang balato niya sa akin kaloka!

Last Saturday (Sept 13), we went to South Edmonton Common to finally buy that "something-for-Chicklet." We agreed on buying some Gap clothes for the baby. We were even aiming to buy Chicklet's first ever Christmas outfit na. Pero nabigo kami, wala kaming nakitang maganda. We were just able to buy one Gap Baby Blanket.

The distressed Dad was not happy. He has to spend his money daw for Chicklet talaga. Then we saw the OshKosh Shop.

For the first time, he excitedly entered a clothes store. You see, Ford is never into clothes. Whenever I would enter a baby shop that sells clothes, he would just wait for me outside. He said it's my territory.

Daddy was willing to really splurge for Baby Chicklet this time but nabigo uli siya. Wala siyang makitang type niya.

Thankfully, we saw this clearance rack haha!

We were so happy kasi ang cheap. We bought four pairs of clothing for the baby. Yung pang-six months ang kinuha namin. Very timely kasi by the time six months na si Chicklet, nasa Pilipinas kami. He'll be needing 'summer clothes' there.

Drowning in the sea of baby clothes!
Don't worry, Dad. We'll find that perfect Christmas outfit for Chicklet soon!

Ford still wants to go back. He has lots of money pa raw. And hindi lang pala balato ang gusto niyang ibigay for Chicklet, he wants to spend all the money for him (minus my $10)! So all is for Chicklet now! Poor Mom, naagawan na sa affection and money ni Dad lol!

Ooops by the way, now that winter is approaching, it's best to buy out-of-season items na - like summer clothes. Hope we could find more good deals. =)

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