Monday, September 8, 2014

Pod's birthday 2014

September 6, 2014. With nothing else to do, the birthday boy and I decided to just go to Cross Iron Mills in Calgary to do a bit of shopping (for the baby) and to 'break-in' our one-week old car.

Before leaving the house, Pod joined us in the mandatory powder room wefie haha!

Baby Chicklet @ 30 weeks and 2 days
We left at around 9:50am. Subaru even greeted his boss lol!

It was a three-hour drive to Calgary. We were already starving by 1pm. There are no restaurants inside Cross Iron Mills, only a foodcourt. We ended up having bourbon chicken.

Daddy Ford spent his birthday shopping for Baby Chicklet. Buti na lang may mga sale sa Babies "R" Us.

Normally, my trip to Cross Iron won't be complete without acquiring a purse or two from either Coach Outlet Store or Michael Kors. But I wasn't able to buy any last Saturday. Haha, nagbago na ako! We need to save for the baby. Si Chicklet na lang ang focus namin ngayon. Dalawang Lacoste beanies lang ang nabili ko for myself kasi necessity saka sale naman.

The husband didn't buy anything for himself. He just had crepe and was already happy. What a simple guy he is!

We only stayed at the mall for less than three hours and then drove again for another three. Buti na lang masipag mag-drive si birthday boy!

At 6:40pm, we picked Ate June up so we could eat dinner with her.

Sa Max's Restaurant din kami bumagsak. Ford was very hungry from driving so he wanted tried-and-tested dishes. We couldn't eat at non-Pinoy restaurants (like Tony Roma's or Chili's or Boston Pizza) naman because I won't be able to calculate my carbs intake there.

We love Max's food honestly...

Nilagang Baka, Sizzling Tofu, Lechon Kawal, Fried Chicken
Haha, I just wished he had a hair cut before his birthday so he'll look good on pictures! Kaso kuripot ang lolo mo, saka na daw siya magpapagupit.

I will always be grateful to Ate June for always being there for Ford, especially when I still wasn't here...

Edmonton Partners...

Baby Chicklet ought to have a picture with his future Ninang June.

Happy happy birthday, Dear Pod Pod! I have no gift nor any surprise for you because I lack money and mobility. Bawi ako next year (hopefully)! I love you so much!

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