Saturday, September 13, 2014

First freebie for Chicklet

Haha, forgive me for my kababawan but I was really thrilled when the husband came home last night carrying this...

POD -- Oh eto, nakuha ko sa mailbox. Saan ka na naman nagsign-up???
BIM -- Ha, ano yan? (I still couldn't figure out what it was.)
POD -- Para kay Chicklet! Hay naku kung saan-saan ka na naman nagsa-sign-up!

Until now, I couldn't decipher what it really is. Kung wet wipes ba o diaper. Kaloka!

But one thing is definite, the small package was really for me. May name ko oh! And it came from Kimberly-Clark. Hmm, saan nga kaya ako nagsign-up? I really can't remember.

When I first came here in Edmonton as an immigrant, one of the first things I did was to sign up in different websites (especially couponing sites) with the hopes that I can get as much good deals and freebies that I was getting in the Philippines. My life in the Philippines the last few years revolved around promos and freebies eh haha! I've mastered it, lalo na yung credit card freebies. I had 12 credit cards in Pinas which I used in the business so I had a lot of perks. Most of my clothes, shoes, books, home stuff, stationery, and food came free -- imagine that! At iyon talaga ang pinanghinayangan ko noong umalis ako.

My interest in couponing here weakened (siguro temporarily) because I realized that we don't use most of the products that have coupons. Until now, our pantry is still filled with Filipino items. Even the soap I am using is Safeguard. Dalawa lang din kami sa bahay (as of now) so we have very limited needs - no need to hoard.

Just last week, I unsubscribed from all the websites that I subscribed to. I cleaned my mail box and was relieved that I can now see all my 'legitimate' emails (unlike before na natatabunan). It was emancipating. My only problem is that when I buy something from a store and the cashier asks for my email address so they can put me on their mailing it, I cannot decline. I just do not have the heart to do so! Haha, sabi ko sa sarili ko ia-unsubscribe ko na lang later.

But still, getting free stuff (kahit ano pa yan) is exciting! Sana more pa. Thank you, Kimberly-Clark!

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