Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rolymie Bakery Restaurant (Calgary)

I am craving for lechon right this very moment. Lechon really is my ultimate favorite and my mother (in the Philippines) would always buy a kilo or two of it at the local market every Sunday to my full satisfaction.

Now that I am living here in Edmonton, I feel so deprived of lechon haha! Lechon kawali or roasted pork simply won't suffice. I don't know any place here that sells lechon per pound or kilo. That's why when we went to Calgary last May 18, 2014 (Sunday), I asked my husband to look for Rolymie Bakery Restaurant. I've read somewhere that this Filipino restaurant sells tingi-tinging lechon.

There is actually a Rolymie Bakery in Edmonton too but we haven't eaten there yet at that time. Apparently, the owners of Rolymie Calgary and Rolymie Edmonton are brothers.

Rolymie Calgary, to my surprise, is quite small with only a few tables. It was Sunday noon and we were the only diners. But several people dropped by to pick their take-out orders and/or buy lechon.

They already have cooked dishes and you can order a combo meal. But for sure you can order other ala carte ulam if you like.

But since we were starving, we went for the combo. This combination of 1 viand and lechon plus rice only costs $10+ (I forgot how much exactly)! It was so worth it, because of the huge serving of lechon.

The taste? Admittedly, lechon here in Canada are being cooked in the oven and not in charcoal so expect the difference in taste. But lechon is still lechon, masarap din naman. Mas ok na kaysa wala haha!

Before we left the restaurant, I had to take a picture of this one whole lechon that was ready for pick-up. Ahhh, nakakatakam! The lady owner told me it's around $250. Not bad if you are holding an event. A Filipino party is never complete without lechon.

I will try searching for the best-tasting lechon here in Edmonton. I haven't tried any yet (except for those served in Rolymie Edmonton's buffet).

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