Monday, April 20, 2015

Julie's Bakeshop in Edmonton

We were at a dinner party last Friday and some friends mentioned that there is already Julie's Bakeshop in Edmonton. Really, Julie's??? Saang kuweba ba ako nagtago at hindi ko alam??? I mean, babad na babad ako sa social media, how come na-miss ko ito?

Oh well, I got so excited. A Filipino brand here in Canada (lalo na sa Edmonton) is very much welcome! Lalo tuloy akong umasa na magkaka-Jollibee rin dito soon haha! #asapa

I was not a Julie's fan way back in Pinas. There was a Julie's branch in our area (Marilao crossing) but it closed a long time ago. I found their breads "very ordinary," or mas masarap pa nga yung mga tinitinda sa local bakeries sa may amin.

Anyway, I am hopeful that this Julie's bakery will satisfy my craving for Filipino breads. We've tried buying from Filipino bakeries here in Edmonton but sadly, aside from pandesal, wala na silang masarap na tinapay. Ang layo ng lasa sa mga ensaymada at Spanish bread na hinahanap-hanap ko.

We thought bukas na ang Julie's so we went there last Saturday. It's located just across West Edmonton Mall (WEM), malapit sa clinic ng OB ko. Kaso sarado pa pala.

Still, we tried walking-in (the door was unlocked) and a very nice Caucasian lady informed us that they moved their opening date to April 27. They are still "perfecting" the breads, according to her. Nangangapa pa rin sila sa paggamit ng oven. She and her Pinoy husband went to the Philippines to train (franchise nga kasi).

There were some breads on their display shelf and she asked us kung gusto naming tikman. Ate June chose the pudding while I asked for the cheese roll (I don't know how it's called). We were so thrilled kasi ang sarap! Pinoy na pinoy ang lasa! We readily gave our seal of approval.

We are now looking forward to April 27 to taste their other breads. Sa wakas, hindi na rin kami made-deprive sa tinapay (lalo na si Ford who happens to be a 'bread person.'). I am so glad that the bakeshop is located here in the west area, kahit araw-araw makakabili kami. Sana lang affordable ang presyo.

I think this is the very first Julie's Bakeshop in Canada. Haha, nagle-level-up na talaga ang Deadmonton!

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